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Upgrade – new wireless LED lights installed

No, not grow lights.  These were a set of 6 battery operated LED puck lights with a remote control.  I had spotted them at Costco, but couldn’t think of what we’d need them for at the house.  The next day Tyler had mentioned that it would be nice to have lights in our hydroponic area that we could use when the grow lights are off so that we didn’t have to rely on solely on the fuschia-colored grow lights in order to work back there.

Back to Costco I went and $30 and a couple of trips up and down the ladder later – voila!  Let there be light!  Check out the difference:


If you’re wondering why we wouldn’t just switch the grow lights on whenever we have to go back in there: that’s what we have been doing, but working under those fuschia lights for an extended period can take a toll on your eyes.  Once you emerge from the reflectix and back into the real world with normal lighting, everything has a bit of a green tint to it for a while.  That’s about as trippy as not pot hydroponics gets (bad joke, I know).

So now we have nice normal (and inexpensive!) lights to work under when the grow lights aren’t on and helping our garden grow.