Hydroponics Is Amazing

Finally decided to start documenting all of our hydroponics adventures with a webpage and Youtube videos.  Christine and I get so many questions about what we are growing, how we are doing it, how to set up the growing area, etc.  Now we have a place to refer you in case you really want to try this on your own.  We take our hydroponics very seriously and have grown some amazing plants so far.  We are operating with Hydrogrow X2 Pro LEDs and a drip irrigation system.  Results have been amazing and it is quite the science project.  More to come very soon!  Thanks for reading.


  1. Marcel says:

    Hello, I poked around a bit on the site and did not see what your youtube channel is called. Got a name for that? And would it be possible to get a detailed post on your nutrient mix, per gallon, how often you change the water, etc..? Thanks, and great looking plants!

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